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Flatspace IIk

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The Team

Mark Sheeky (14 Feb 2003 to 31 May 2013)
Co-founder of Bytten and caretaker thereafter. Mark started developing games on 8-bit machines before moving on to the Amiga. As Cornutopia Software he has a back catalogue of around fifty games, and now works as an artist as well as offering freelance music and sound effect services to anyone who wants them.

Andrew Williams (14 Feb 2003 to 31 May 2013)
Co-founder of Bytten. Andrew first got into computers by coding in Atari BASIC in his early teens. Soon hooked, when Atari went bust he jumped to the Amiga and then, following another company collapse, onto the PC market. After becoming fairly proficient at coding for DOS systems the market moved on, and faced with learning to program all over again Andrew decided he much preferred playing games to writing them.

Steve Blanch (20 Jan 2006 to 8 Feb 2013)
Steve is somewhat successfully juggling a role as husband and father along with a non-related full-time job with his lifelong computer game addiction. Some days go better than others. His first exposure to games came with an Atari 2600 console in 1979. There really has been no hope for him since then. C64, AppleIIe, NES(J) and SNES(J) games followed until that fateful day in 1993 when Doom changed the world. PC gaming is his main vice these days, and he enjoys splitting his time between the better of the commercial offerings and the indie scene.

Will Moller (19 Dec 2008 to 17 Apr 2009)
Will is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Hailing from South Africa and currently resident in London, Will comes from a game development background.

David Simpkins (24 Feb 2006 - 2 Feb 2007)
David tells us at age 10 he was fascinated with Space Invaders. Having little pocket-change, he pledged he would never be deprived of the joy of game-play as he grew older. Well, he grew older, some say wiser, and everyone knows his net wealth has grown not. Claimed right of passage with an Atari 2600, and some years later- a TI-99. Since then, the PC has been his good friend in enabling him with games. David has nothing but great respect for those who code games, after all, he'd rather play them. When he is not playing games, he does stuff... lots of stuff. Science-related, teaching-related, and family-related... stuff. David lives in a self-described zoo which includes himself, his wife, his son, "Cat", a fish, a dozen parthenogenetic stick-bugs, an occasional rabbit, an occasional Nutria, and is always open to more co-habitants.

Hayden Yale (5 Mar 2004 - 27 Oct 2006)
Hayden is a games player and part-time games programmer. Once a VB programmer, then a mod musician, he has more recently dabbled in Blitz and Dark Basic, but he is a website developer by trade. During his spare time, he plays a lot of games, owning 4 games consoles (gc, xbox, ps2, n64), plus his trusty PC and an emulator or two for the classics.

Chris Robson (15 Jul 2005 - 4 Nov 2005)
Chris has been an avid video gamer since the age of 4 when he was gifted a Commodore 64. Since then he's been the proud owner and player of a Sega Master System, a SNES, an N64, and nowadays in his supposedly adult years: a GameCube, PS2 and an XBox in addition to the PC. He has a particular penchant for war, roleplaying and strategy games, and is presently residing in Australia. Unlike some of the staff, Chris could not code his way out of a paper bag.