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About Bytten

Bytten by the bug
This website was created in 2003 by Andrew Williams and Mark Sheeky to bring a voice and attention to the thousands of small amateur and professional game developers who found it difficult to be heard.

Our aim was to write and publish a game review each week, and with the occasional exception, we managed that until 2013. Mark reviewed until 2006 before taking over as editor and administrator, while Steve Blanch, Hayden Yale and David Simpkins joined with Andrew to form our reviewing team. For most of the later years, Steve and Andrew continued as our sole writers, with Mark as editor, and in 2013 the workload had become too great, and times, like the lives of our team, had changed

We would like to thank all of our readers, and the developers who supported us and shared their games with us, and I as editor would like to thank Steve Blanch and Andrew Williams in particular for their tireless work in playing and reviewing so many games for no reward except the joy of playing. Bytten didn't make money and was always founded as a site run by indie game enthusiasts for indie game enthusiasts, and we hope that we succeeded in shining a positive light on the world of indie gaming.