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Flatspace IIk

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Review Scores

Review Scores
Each game review is rated by five scores. All games are rated from a players perspective and games are rated as they stand. Experience or size of the development team is not a rated factor but price, as well as the game features below are. If you score well on bytten the award is worth something.

Rates visual attractiveness as well as fluidity, functionality and use of animated visual effects.

Rates sound effect and music quality and usage, and general sound design.

Rates fun, addictiveness. If the game is enjoyable, it scores highly here.

Rates depth, complexity, variety and quantity of features.

Is an overall appraisal, not merely an average. Values over 50% result in a bronze star award, over 75% delivers a silver star and games scoring over 90% gain a gold star, our highest accolade.