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A Big Byte of Games
Welcome to Bytten Reviews. In 2003 we decided to review indie PC games and we published a new game review each week, give or take, until 2013.

We've stopped reviewing games but will keep our old reviews on the site for the time being. We would like to thank every developer who submitted a game or news item, every advertiser, and every visitor who still reads our reviews.

We don't accept new game reviews or press releases so please remove our address from any mailing lists.

Classic Reviews

Bronze Star
Pirate Princess, published 12 Mar 2010
“Arrgghh! Hey there mateys! Are ya be ready for some adventurin'? And pillagin'? And spellin'? Yeah, that's right, you heard me swabs – spellin'! Every good buccaneer needs to know how to spell stuff, right? A good vocabulary might... Full review...

Silver Star
Labyrinthica: The Quest of Lima, published 18 Dec 2009
This is the story of a young girl named Lima. She set out one day to collect some apples (despite not apparently having a mouth to eat them with, if the intro sequence is any guide!) and suffered some kind of accident. I'm not entirely clear what happ... Full review...

Bronze Star
Vitamini Game, published 08 Jan 2010
I've been watching a fair bit of Dr Who of late, and that's got me thinking about stuff like alternative realities and parallel timelines. Not to trivialise such philosophical ponderings, but imagine for a moment if you will, that in 1984, Alexey... Full review...

Gold Star
Elementum, published 12 Feb 2010
Alchemy. It was considered a fool's dream; the quests to master the elixir of life, or to transmute lead into gold, have long since been dismissed as impossible. But just imagine, if you will, that they were not - that, were we to interact with indivi... Full review...

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